For full consideration, please apply by Thursday, November 30.

Selected faculty will be expected to commit to a one-year term beginning in January 2018, attend regular ETUDE Faculty Fellows meetings (generally scheduled on Thursdays from 1:00-2:00 p.m.), and participate in planning and leading ETUDE-sponsored events throughout the year. ETUDE Fellows receive a stipend in recognition of their efforts.

All applications will be reviewed by the current group of ETUDE Fellows after the deadline, and notifications will be sent by the end of the fall semester.

For questions please contact Rob Lagueux
Please complete this form no later than Monday, November 20th. 

For planning purposes, we must receive all room and technology requests as soon as possible, as well as the names of all presenters and panelists. Please take some time to think about what would make your session most successful. 

The last day to submit presenter names for the printed BTOT program is Friday, December 1, at noon. 
Please read all applicant guidelines for the Faculty Development Travel Grant before submitting your application. 

To apply, please complete the form below and be prepared to upload the following at the bottom of the page:
  • A one-page explanation of how this travel is a development opportunity for you as an educator (500 words or less, PDF format)
  • A completed Faculty Development Travel Grant Budget Sheet (download here)
Please answer the questions below to complete your Faculty Development Travel Grant final report. 

Receiving Your Grant Funds
If you elected to receive your travel grant through payroll, no further action is required outside of submitting this form. 

If you selected the reimbursement option to receive your grant and have not already done so, please submit receipts to Ashley Macchia in the Office of Faculty Development. Email or PDF receipts may be submitted through email to Hard-copy receipts (i.e. from a restaurant or taxi, etc) must be dropped off or mailed in original format (155 Mass Ave, room 302; or interoffice mail: MS-155-AAOF). We recommend you make copies of any original receipts you submit before doing so. 

Please note: you only need to submit as many receipts as necessary to account for the total amount of your grant. 

Please allow 1-2 weeks for your reimbursement to be processed. 
Please answer the questions below in regards to your recent Faculty Development Grant or Berklee Faculty Fellowship project. All award recipients have one year to complete their project and must submit this form no later than May 31.

Please answer the questions below in regards to your recent Newbury Comics Faculty Fellowship project. 

Criteria for Credit Transfer Agreement 

MISSION AND PURPOSES: Alignment with the Berklee College of Music mission as a recognized educational institute with a commitment to authentic education and a strong music program.

ORGANIZATION AND GOVERNANCE: An organization and governance structure that is appropriate for the institution and that focuses on education without discrimination.

ACCREDITATION/AUTHORIZATION: Approved, authorized, accredited institutions.

THE ACADEMIC PROGRAM/CURRICULUM: An academic program that is well organized and that evaluates students based on their learning. An academic program that is appropriate, rigorous and promotes a strong student experience. We examine the following:
  1. Program Description
  2. Program Learning Outcomes
  3. Program Assessments
  4. Course List
  5. Complete syllabi for each course 
  6. Samples of student work 
  7. Pass/Fail rates and D/F/W rates for each course over the past three years

FINANCIAL INFORMATION: Proof of stable finances.

FACULTY: Appropriately credentialed, educated and experienced faculty.

STUDENTS: A record of student success. To that end, we review

  1. Admission requirements/process for the program
  2. Number of students each year
  3. Number of students/percentage of students who complete the program each year
  4. Demographic information (race, age, ethnicity, as appropriate)
  5. The anticipated number of students from the program each year who will seek transfer to the Baccalaureate degree program at Berklee College of Music.
  6. Demographic information (race, age, ethnicity, as appropriate)
  7. Anticipated number of students from the program each year who will seek transfer to the Baccalaureate degree program at Berklee College of Music

This form is to be used for requesting Institutional Review Board (IRB) review of any new project involving research with human subjects. Submission of this completed form must occur at least one month prior to the expected start date of your project. Recruitment of subjects cannot begin until human subjects research training is completed and IRB approval is granted. It is vital that the application be complete and that all supporting information be submitted at the time of review in order to ensure appropriate and timely processing. If you are unable to provide certain information at the time of submission, please indicate this in a cover letter that you can upload at the end of this application.

You will need to set up an account below to begin. You can save your application as a draft and return to it at later time through your account. Drafts are saved for 21 days from the date last modified. When your application is complete, click submit at the end and it will be sent to the IRB for review. Please contact with any questions.